So… here it is. My photo blog. I hadn’t really planned on doing this. I wanted to return to flickr, because I just wanted a place to collect what I’m working on right now and share it. I kinda miss the old days. But… I was greeted with dick pics straight off the bat. No thank U, NEXT. That ship has sailed & sunk to the bottom of the fucking ocean. Moving on.

I plan to basically share, not necessarily new, but rather Previously Unseen or Unshared work (photography AND illustrations – because that’s something I do on the side, too). It can be new work, sure. But a lot of what I currently work on (as a stock photographer) is editing older work that I haven’t edited yet because life got in the way. And I have a LOT of that, mostly in the form of travel photography or mobile photography documenting my life as a mom. And the latter is the theme of my first blog post here.

I’m a mom of daughter Rosalie (3) and son Lucas (11 months) and I get to stay home with them while I work in photography part-time. I enjoy every moment with them, and try to document our lives together as much as possible so that when they’re older, they will have that to look back on. Plus it’s nice to be able to app my husband, Wil, funny or sweet moments when he’s at work, so he can experience that a little bit, too.

But my goal is to use my main camera, my Canon EOS 5D Mark III, more in the near future for moments like these. Mobile photography has come a long way since my first smartphone (an iPhone 3 back in 2009), and I love my Huawei P20 (which has a 40 megapixel camera developed with Leica, of all brands) but you still can’t beat the quality of a DSLR camera.


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