My house and heart are full.

These photos, especially put next to each other, mean the world to me.

When my daughter Rosalie was about 13 months old, I snapped some photos of her as it was snowing outside. I stood outside the window, capturing her in awe of the white world surrounding us that day. To this day it’s one of my most beloved, favorite photos ever taken. 

Cut to 2,5 years later, when her little brother Lucas was also around 13 months old (a few weeks ago). My husband Wil had taken him outside, and I from inside saw the beautiful golden glow of the setting sun falling on their blond hair. I quickly grabbed my camera (which still had a 100mm lens on it – but it was perfect), realizing that it wasn’t just the moment that was special but the timing too. Portraits of my boy at the same age his sister was, but at different ends of the seasonal spectrum.

And it’s a beautiful series of Wil, too. 

Two guys, a girl and a loving momma. I hope to take some photos with my children tomrrow. It’ll be my 4th Mother’s Day, though in my heart it’s my 6th (I miscarried and lost my first baby just after Father’s Day, 2014).

To all mothers – mothers in body, mothers in heart, mothers who can hold their kids, mothers who wish they could… All my love for all of you tomorrow. 

(And today, May 9th, a happy birthday to my beloved grandmother Liza, who passed away from Alzheimer’s 5 years ago. She would have been 93 today.)


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