What day is it? What week is it? Is it April 29-
No, it’s May already.

I’m in my 8th? 9th? week of isolation and social distancing. I’m doing OK, so are the kids. I’ve taken up baking the past few weeks. I mean, I used to bake muffins and cookies all the time, but now I actually really find it very therapeutic. I’m trying to enthuse my daughter into helping me. Seems to be working, although she’s learning from her dad that his version of “helping” is licking out the bowl.

But I digress. I’m just glad it’s something we can do together during what-used-to-be-her-nap-time. As soon as I’m able to work out how, I’ll try and snap some decent photos of what we’re doing together there. 

My little covert Disney Princess has been posing for some photos for me last week, and she’s LOVING it. I’ll be sharing those soon, they’re next up on my to-edit list. I just had a ton of Forget-Me-Not snaps to edit first as I figured they’d look nice on products for sale, including masks which are for sale via my Redbubble shop. Yeah. Surreal, huh. It made me feel a lot of things, to be honest. It’s a small but very confrontational addition to an otherwise very regular array of photography that I sell. But it’s the new normal, the world we live in now. Some kind of dystopia. I’ll purchase a few of my own. With Forget-Me-Nots. Because #mood. 

To anyone reading this blog – which I haven’t told anyone I started, yet… Hmmm – Hope you and yours are healthy, safe and making the most of things. We are. Day by day.
It won’t always be like this.


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