When I come home from traveling, I have this bad habit of editing a few shots that I really like, and letting the rest basically sit on external hard drives for years and years, unseen. Ever since I started shifting my focus to stock photography, I’m learning the value of photographing in a series, rather than going for One Shot. I actually do shoot in series when I travel. I just usually pick One Favorite from everything I see, edit that, and ignore alternates that are beautiful in their own right.

So when I’m not working on new photography, I’m browsing through these travel archives to check out those alternates, and give them some love. Yesterday and today I started working on photos from my honeymoon to Rome in July 2013. Rome was a place I’d always wanted to visit, more so since traveling to Athens in 2006. Because even though I don’t consider myself an architectural photographer, I really do enjoy photographing buildings and interiors from different angles.

I really loved playing around with the interior of the Pantheon because of the way the light- and shadowplay really made certain sections and details of the interior shine. The simple yet intricate ceiling structure has a stunning pattern and depth to it, and while there was plenty to behold in terms of decadence, golden trimmings and art, that ceiling was my favorite part of the entire building and it’s no wonder I focused on that while taking photos.

I’m working on more architecture photography from Rome next (I already worked on a bunch of them in Camera RAW and I’m hitting myself for not uploading them sooner… not to toot my own unicorn horn but I really love those shots), and I’ll also share some impressions from taking in the overall city and streets there either in the same next post, or soon after that.

Side note – I’m trying to post here frequently: every time I have a shoot done, or feel like I have a decent set to share. Hopefully blogging will soon feel a little less wooden to me as a result. I really struggle with putting down the words, I’m noticing! It’ll flow out of me more naturally soon enough, hopefully. Anyway, thanks for reading πŸ™‚ 


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